Clanotech is active in Ophthalmology. Clanotech strategy spanns from therapeutic areas with high commercial potential as wet Age Reglated Macular Degeneration (wAMD) to ophthalmology niche indications with orphan drug opportunity such as developing adjvant in glaucoma surgery techniques.

Clanotech’s lead candidate is an inhibitor of the alpha5beta1-integrin receptor which is present in fibroblast and on vascular endothelial cells. Alpha5beta1-integrin is strongly up-regulated in fibroblast when switching to the fibrotic state and in scars after glaucoma surgery.

Moreover, alpha5beta1-integrin stimulates the formation of new blood vessels through pathways that are partly complementary and partly interrelated with the VEGF pathway.

This indicates that an alpha5beta1-integrin antagonist is a potentially promising area of research for adjuvant in glaucoma surgery techniques reducing fibrosis and for the treatment of eye neovascularization.

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